Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

This is before we went on our nature hike.
(Me with Emma and Jacob)
Lehi with the kids.

A Visit with Allie and Rachel

Allie Orr and her daughter Rachel used to live by us in Spring, Texas. But a year ago they moved up to West Valley, Utah When Allie was remarried. We miss them so much!!! Anyway, we got to visit them after we went to Lake Powell. Emma and Rachel had matching PJ's. They looked so cute in them.
The kids had so much fun playing with each other again. They were watching High School Musical, and Rachel and Emma didn't make it through the movie before passing out.

The Grand Canyon

Jacob and Me at the Rim of the Grand Canyon
Jacob at the rim of the Grand Canyon

The Beautiful view at the Grand Canyon.

We got to spend two days in the Grand Canyon on our way up to Lake Powell. It was beautiful. Emma was too scared to get close enough to get a picture with. Lehi had teased her earlier that he would throw her over the edge. nice...

ALL ABOARD!!! The Grand Canyon Express

We got to ride on this restored train while we were in the Grand Canyon. Everyone had such a good time. It was a 45 minute ride. Above is pictured Sydney Robinson, my Emma, little Donald Payne, and My Jacob.
Sydney Robinson and Emma
Little Donald and Jacob
My boyfriend, Lehi and Me!

Why SUV's are better than Mini Vans!

While on our way to the Grand Canyon we ran into a little adventure. We were traveling with my Dad. We were in our van and he was driving Trish's Escalade truck. He told us that he was going to go off the main road and take a dirt road through the reservations, and he gave us the choice to follow him or to continue on the highway. We asked if our van would make it or if he thought that we should go on ahead. He of course said that there would be no problem, so we decided to blindly follow him. The road was a little rough at places, but nothing too bad...until we got to this riverbed. We were following him, but we should have watched him go across first and then when he was across, go ahead. But we followed right behind him. As the truck was going up out of the riverbed they started to slide back down, so we had to stop...BIG MISTAKE. We got stuck in the mud...that's kindof an understatement. The mud was all the way up to the bottom of the van.
Anyway, Pictured above is the riverbed after we got through, you cant really appreciate the depth of the tracks.

The happy husband...obviously NOT ammused!

Well, after trying to pull out the van and dig it out, and anyting we could think of, Dad hooked up his tow rope and pulled us out with the truck. 45 minutes Later...

It messed up our allignment, which made the van shimmy when we got up to 45 miles an hour. but nothing that couldn't be fixed, right?

Overall, I find the whole thing kinda funny, and I don't hold my dad accountable for anything.

The Fackrell's Home

While on our month long vacation we got to go to Shelley, Idaho and visit my sister Amy and her family. Pictured above: in front, Sydney Fackrell (5 yrs. old), and my Jacob (7 yrs. old), in back, Mackenzie (3 yrs. old), and Christian (8 yrs old). Everyone had such a good time playing with each other.
Below are pictures of the window treatments that Amy and I made while I was there for a week and a half. The red pannels are in her family room. And the black valance is in her kitchen.
We loved staying in thier home. They have a beautiful home, and they made us feel so comfortable. Thanks Amy! Love you!
I also got to know her husband Matthew better. He's a funny guy!

A visit with the Grays

Krystal (Johnson) Gray, her 2yr. old son Spencer, my Emma, Me, and Jacob.
While we were on our month long Family Vacation, I got to hook up with my very first Ricks College roommate. She was from Rexburg. We had not seen each other for 10 years. It was so much fun to be able to catch up and to finally meet her husband and her cute little boy. Her home in Herriman, Utah was beautiful and she made a yummy dinner for us! Hopefully it won't be another ten years before we get to see each other again.

1st Day of School

Here is Emma getting on the bus. This is the day she waited so long for!

Jacob abord the bus! WAHOO!!!!!

This is Jacob and Emma on thier first day of school. I tried to post them before but I was having technical difficulties. Please don't be blinded by the reflector tape on Jacob's backpack...We firmly believe in safety first!